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You have a right to be safe. Being safe is a basic building block for our resilience. 

Identifying where you feel safe or unsafe, and looking at ways this can be changed can help a you feel more resilient.



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Being safe is defined as free from harm or hurt and feeling safe means you do not anticipate either harm or hurt; emotionally or physically. 

As you are more independent you get to assess what risks there are to your safety and you get more choices over situations or places that don't make you feel safe

All young people have a right to feel safe. Check out


All colleges are legally required to keep the environment safe for learners and have policies in place to promote your safety which will be available for you to read. 


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  • Think about which places and situations you think are safe or less safe.

  • Are their any similarities or differences in the areas? 

  • What situations or places could you avoid to make you feel safer?

  • What can you do to feel safer?

  • Have you identified any places at college that don't feel safe? Who can you talk to about this?

Being emotionally safe in personal relationships is really important. We look at this in the I belong sections.

For more information and to get help with controlling or abusive situations see the sites below

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Creating a safe anchor

A picture or a visualisation of a favourite memory or place when recalled can help you feel safe, calm and more resilient if you are going through a tough time. 

Think about a place or a memory where you felt happy, safe and comfortable. 

(it can be your bedroom, in the garden, sitting with your pet, or by a river or lake etc).

Create a visual representation of that memory through magazine pictures, drawings or words. When you are stressed you can look at the picture and feel calmer.

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If you need to understand your rights or are worried about your safety The Mix offer non-judgemental legal information and support for young people that’s clear and easy to understand.

and ...

FRANK gives you honest information about drugs and alcohol


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