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The Resilience Framework
from Angie Hart and the team at Boingboing

  • An evidence based approach to building resilience

  • Resilience is a learnable skill

  • You can start anywhere on the framework and you will have a positive impact on resilience.

  • Everyone can benefit from improving resilience skills as challenges are a normal part of life.

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The Resilience Framework is based on Resilient Therapy (RT), the name  given to the set of ideas and practices originally developed by Angie Hart and Derek Blincow with help from Helen Thomas. We took the resilience research evidence base and put it together with other sets of ideas gleaned from our practice with very disadvantaged children and families in an NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Clinic. Alongside this, Angie’s adoptive parenting knowledge went into the mix and, more recently, we’ve collected experiences from those we are working with in our resilience communities of practice.

Free resources for schools

Resilience Framework

Resilient Classroom - activities for pupils

Academic Resilience Approach

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