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Hope is an optimistic state of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes. With hope you believe in the possibility of change and have a clear intention to make tomorrow better.  

Hope can make the most challenging situation more manageable. 

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Optimistic Thinkers  

  1. Notice good things
    they happen.

  2. Believe they can make good things happen in their life.

  3. Don't blame themselves when things go wrong.

  4. When something good happens, give themselves credit.

  5. Believe setbacks are temporary.

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.


Winston Churchill

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What do you think?

Are people naturally born pessimistic or optimistic?


Optimistic thinkers – what do they think and say?

Pessimistic thinkers – what do they think and say?

What are the benefits of being more optimistic?

What can you do to develop more optimistic thinking?

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  1. Every day remind yourself what has gone well.

  2. Optimism is contagious - hang out with optimistic thinkers

  3. If something goes badly think - don't take it personally - think 'this is a temporary set back'

  4. Support your hopeful thinking with practical and realistic action that gets you to your goals

  5. Find success stories that give you hope

  6. Find opportunities you are not making the most of!


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Think about your hopes and aspirations for the month ahead and the year ahead...

Draw some clouds (or download below) and fill them up with your hopes and dreams

Come up with 3 character strengths that you will need make these hopes a real

Print the Hopes and Dreams Worksheet.

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