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Learning about yourself and accepting that there are bits you might want to change is a resilience skill. The goal is to know yourself and feel good about yourself from the inside. Knowing your values, your personality and strengths and weaknesses is all good for your resilience.

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Your values are your fundamental beliefs that guide you and help you work out what is important to you. 

When you are clear on

these you will know
yourself better and it

will help you make

decisions based on your

values and not on what others

think or want. 

Complete the Values exercise below to help you identify what really matters to you 

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Take a Personality Test





What did you learn about yourself?


Not sure about the results?... take the same test but in a different mood and compare the results.

If they are the same then you are all set and know a bit more about yourself.


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Talk to yourself as if you were the best friend ever

We talk to ourselves

all the time. Start to

notice what you say to

yourself. You might notice

how critical or unkind you are.


Would you speak to a mate the way that you speak to yourself?

  • Try chatting to yourself in a much more friendly and generous way.

  • Write yourself a letter saying what you rate about yourself.

  • Ask family and friends what they appreciate about you?

Be gentle with yourself, learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself, for only as we have the right attitude toward ourselves can we have the right attitude toward others.”

Wilferd A. Peterson, AUTHOR.

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Being aware of what triggers big emotional responses in you is important to help you know yourself better. 

Common emotions that we experience while being triggered include anger, rage, sadness, and fear.

Handling big emotions

Breathing is a great way to relax - try 7/11 breathing - counting for 7 on the inhale and 11 on the exhale

  Get some space


then 'Reflect' -


Thoughts create feelings so getting underneath the beliefs about what has triggered you will help you understand more. 

'To question what you believe is to give yourself an amazing gift'
Byron Katie




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