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 A flow chart can help you develop your problem-solving skills. It helps to be able to assess the size of a problem and rate it in severity.

Sometimes it can feel easier to say 'I don't know' as an automatic response. But a Smart Move is  to have a solutions approach and say 'I choose to know'.

You can use the problem-solving flow chart to help work out a solution.

What are the top 10 problems that college students face?

Working on your own or in groups choose a problem to work through the flow chart.

  • Reflect on the problem.

  • Follow the different paths on the flowchart that a person could follow.

  • Discuss or write down an action plan.


Print out your Support Tree below and write on as many names as you can think of. Then decide the best person to talk to.




For Relaxation and worry control try 'The Coherence Technique'





Accept what you can and can't solve...

There will always be things that in life we cannot solve single handed. We can only change ourselves and not those around us. Being aware of what we can change and what we cannot can help build our resilience 


To help identify these do your circle of concern and circle of influence (worries you can solve and can't).

Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence and Control

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Problem-solving is a learned skill. Time and time again research shows that problem-solving skills supports our resilience. Finding your own solutions; assessing the type and size of a problem, and deciding what you need to do in order to resolve it are Smart Moves.


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