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It is smart to increase the number of good people in your life and get together with people you can rely on and to keep healthy
relationships going

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Have you heard of Love languages?


They are the ways we show love and interpret love back. It’s the language we speak when expressing love. They help you understand and improve all your relationships

Your emotional love language and that of others around you may be as different as Chinese from English.

Thinking about other people’s love language helps you to :

  1. Be a caring friend

  2. Communicate love to your family

  3. Find the best ways to keep relationships going

There have been 5 Love Languages identified by Gary Chapman 

Find out what your love language is.

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What do you think makes a good relationship?

What are the top qualities you rate in a friendship?

Think about yourself as a friend, what do you think you bring to a friendship?

When have you been successful in forming friendships in the past? 

How do you think having good relationships or friendships with people helps you cope better with everyday stresses and challenges of life?

"Friends are for a reason, a season, or a lifetime". Relationships change and develop as we do – you won’t be friends with everyone forever and that’s ok

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​The 5 Love Languages are:

  • Words of Affirmation -Compliments, encouragement 
    & kind words

  • Quality Time – Hanging out, focused attention and quality listening.

  • Receiving Gifts -  It is not about the money but the thought that counts, a thoughtful gift tells me you know and value me


  • Acts of Service – I feel loved when you practically help me out with things or do things without being asked 

  • Physical touch – I feel loved with a hug, pat on the back or arm around the shoulder.

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Most people 'speak' their love in the same language they 'hear' it in. For example someone will do lots of practical things to help around the house because that is how they understand what love is.


We can't change other people but we can start to learn to 'hear' their love language when they speak it and we can choose to speak their language to show them we love them. 

Think about 3 people in your life,

What do you think their love language is?


What could you do this week to speak their language ?



  • Really listen to what people say without judgement

  • Respond positively to people’s good news – be happy for them

  • Raise issues in a calm way – focus on the behaviour not the person

  • Tell people how much you appreciate them.

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