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No one person can give you everything you need from relationships so take the good from Relationships where there is hope. 

Different types of friendships and relationships meet different needs in our lives.

It’s important not to expect one person (friend/family/romantic partner) to meet all of our needs and to take the good from a range of relationships

where we can. 

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There is strong evidence that social relationships are important for promoting resilience

  1. Relationships act as a buffer against mental ill health for people of all ages

  2. The more connected and less alone we feel the happier we feel

  3. When we feel overwhelmed or stressed we can forget all those we have to support us

  4. Activities like the support tree (see next) help remind us who we have on our team

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Who can you count on?

A person who helps me feel good about myself is ….

A person who shares my interests or hobbies is …

A person who I can confide in is …

A person I can talk to about a problem is …

A person who I will call if I am in a difficult situation is …

A person who I can just sit with when I am feeling upset is …

A person who makes me laugh
is …

A person who will get me out and about is …

Print out your support tree and add these people plus anyone else you can lean on.

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Sometimes finding a different perspective on someone helps you take what you can from a relationship where there is some hope.

Think of someone in your life  you feel is challenging right now?

  • Think of 3 good things about them? (qualities, strengths)

  • Think of 3 good times or memories that you have?

  • What are 3 positives about your relationship with them?

  • What is the one good thing that you could focus on in your relationships?

Do you see faces or a vase?

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Dealing with conflict and learning to resolve arguments are life long resilience skills. When you master this you will be great at keeping relationships going.


If you are experiencing some drama in your relationships you need to understand the drama triangle. 

Top Tips & Smart Guide to resolving disagreements ..

1. Listen

2. Avoid making things worse

3. Work together

4. Find the win/win


Everything can be perceived in more than one way. "If you change the way you look at things; the things you look at change." Wayne Dyer

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