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Being organised and having structure helps life run more smoothly and improves your resilience. Most of us are not born with organisation skills - we need to learn them. 

Good organising doesn't mean changing your personality - just your habits


Being organised reduces your stress but it is a skill set that needs to be developed.

Building habits and routines helps your brain start to hardwire this organisation stuff so you will do it automatically. 

Doing some planning will make a huge difference and you then need to practice practice practice.


Being organised is like pole vaulting - it doesn't just happen. 

Check out our top tips below:

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When are you most organised?

When are you least organised?

What feelings do you experience  when you are organised and on top of everything?

What feelings do you experience when you are not organised?

How does being more organised help you cope better and help you reduce your stress?

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What's in it for you???


The truth is if you don't want to get organised you won't!

If you are not motivated to learn and practice these skills then when the going gets tough it will all go out the window.

So think about what is in it for you!

Write down 5 Reasons why you want an organized life - the BENEFITS to you of being organised.

Write down your own top tips for being more organised to your 14 year old self.


How might it have helped you then?

Print off the Smart Organisation Action Plan and rate yourself weekly.

Staying organised means planning your time to ensure you get your important stuff done. An ideal calendar is a plan of how you intend to spend your time. Print off the calendar below and decide what a brilliantly organised week looks like. 


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